Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it really dark ?
The dining room is dark, we ask our guests to turn off cell phones.

2. Why the servers are blind ?
Blind people are the best people in such context. You must be able to trust your server, it is a true transfer of trust.

3. Is there any dress code ?
No, casual is fine.

4. Is the kitchen dark too ?
No, kitchen is lit, and cooks are not blind.

5. How can we see the menu ?
Upon arrival, our hostess will explain the process in a lit area where you can place your order.

6. What if i need to make a call or go to the washrooms ?
You will call your guide server, and they will guide you .

7. What about food allergies/restrictions ?
We will accomodate that, however you must mention it to the hostess upon arrival.

8. How long the dinner last ?
Average 1.5hr

9. Are children accepted ?
5 years old +

10. Is parking available ?
We do not provide parking, however street parking available.